About us

     UAB Laiptuva was founded in 2002. Experience enables us to offer a quality services which are done on time. Specializing in production of stairs and balcony railings.

     Working in Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden and other EU countries.


     Metal, concrete, wood and glass materials available for stair constructions. Steps are produced from ash, oak, metal or granite.

     Able to realize all kinds of projects.


     Production of stainless steel, glass, metal and wood railings. Blacksmith or grinded elements are available. Install frameless glass fences.

Metal and stainless steel elements

     Metal, stainless steel elements and construction welding, grinding.




Address: Žemaitės st. 96f

Šiauliai LT-5402

E. mail: info@laiptuva.lt

Contact person

Paulius Rimkevičius

+370 64709285